3 Tips For Successfully Recruiting For The Gaming Industry

Chris Murdock
3 min readMay 25, 2022


Recruiting in any industry requires inside knowledge of the inner workings of said field and a comprehensive understanding of the people working within it. Unsurprisingly, the gaming industry is no exception to that rule.

Considering the video gaming industry is estimated to be worth $268 billion by 2025, and the average turnover rate of a gaming professional is two to five years — attracting and securing the right talent has never been more crucial.

To find the right candidates for your gaming industry roles, you need to employ a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Tap into already existing online communities
  2. Showcase your company’s culture
  3. Prioritize diversity initiatives internally and externally

By utilizing these tactics, your organization will better position itself to attract top talent in the industry.

Leverage Online Communities

Much like any process once considered essential, the traditional approach of placing ads to fill roles simply doesn’t pack the same punch nowadays. Recruiters in the gaming industry must meet candidates where they are. Static ad placements might have been sufficient in the past, but now recruiters need to be using an active recruitment strategy to attract top passive talent.

If there’s one thing the Internet has in spades, it is the ability to curate and tap into individual communities. Social media platforms and streaming services have changed the game when it comes to building a support base and mobilizing viewers. But, these aren’t limited to just one platform.

You can find these internet communities on:

  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Discord

These online communities already exist and continue to multiply, and all recruiters need to do is tap into them.

Utilize Tools Like Job Shadowing

Candidates want to know what the environment they could potentially be working in is like. Who can blame them? After all, understanding the environment before even walking through the door provides candidates with a unique perspective and advantage.

Job shadowing can allow the transition into a new role to be more seamless. Prospective candidates want to know that a company’s culture matches their values. It’s even better if they can figure that out before accepting an offer.

Other ways you can help candidates experience this first-person view include:

  • Facilitating discussions between candidates and current employees
  • Promoting company culture and happenings on social media
  • Conducting virtual networking opportunities

Introducing candidates to the space, potential coworkers, and internal processes will differentiate you from competitors and provide important insight into the possible culture match.

Focus On Finding Diverse Talent

In 2022, one of the most sought-after characteristics in a workplace is prioritizing diversity. Sourcing diverse talent facilitates innovation and breathes life into your employer’s brand. In fact, it seems to be an industry standard as over half of game developers said their studios had done some form of activism.

In addition to the obvious benefits of ensuring equity is embedded in your organization, fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion boosts retention rates and employee morale. Plus, it’s imperative to keep your current talent while sourcing new talent in a tough labor market.

Sourcing diverse talent expands your organization’s reach, no matter how you spin it: your employees desire it, your candidates seek it out, and your leadership team becomes better for it. Here are some tried and true ways to take your diversity sourcing to the next level:

  • Design a hiring process that removes bias
  • Expand your approach to sourcing and interviewing
  • Overcommunicate job expectations and updates

IQTalent Partners has an abundance of experience recruiting within the gaming industry.

There’s a special nature surrounding recruiting within the entertainment and gaming markets. This competitive sector requires a Talent Acquisition team that understands the goals of the studio and can speak the language of this incredibly unique talent pool.

From game animators and art directors to graphic designers, we know how to find artists’ portfolios and craft messaging that talks directly to them. Our unique sourcing methods leverage this built-in community, and our database of gamers is nothing short of extensive.

Together, we can work to build out a gaming talent pipeline for your organization that’s filled with top-quality candidates able to help you to drive growth and foster innovation.

This article was originally published on the IQTalent Partners blog.



Chris Murdock

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