6 Unique Sourcing Strategies For Attracting Passive Candidates

1. Spice Up Your Job Descriptions

  • Avoid the third person. “The ideal candidate” sounds dry — incorporate language with “you” and “we” in it instead.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity within the description. How your company talks about diversity and inclusion will significantly impact whether your job posts attract a diverse pool of candidates. Postings that include even a basic equal opportunity employer statement will fill 6% more quickly than those that don’t.
  • Use growth-focused language. Rather than terms like “expert” or “natural talent,” use language like “persevere,” “forward thinker,” and “opportunity to grow” to show that your company values growth within positions.
  • Choose precise language over vague action words to keep your descriptions succinct and straightforward.

2. Lean On Your Current Team

3. Don’t Rule Out Fresh Hires

4. Perfect Your Outreach

5. Master Your Social Ads


  • See who already follows your company page. They already know what your company is all about!
  • Manually source candidates with creative search queries.
  • Facebook hosts job postings. Create one and share it with your network of followers and ask others to share accordingly.
  • Broaden your idea of your target candidate by boosting your job posts to a broader audience.
  • Share your job posts on relevant Facebook groups and communities.



6. Lean On A Talent Exchange Marketplace



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Chris Murdock

Chris Murdock


Chris is the Co-Founder & Senior Partner at IQTalent Partners, a professional service firm focused on finding, assessing and hiring key talent for teams.