Hiring in a Tight Market: How to Engage When Unemployment is Low

Move Existing Employees First

  1. Current employees can best train new employees for the position, even if the “new employee” is just an existing employee being transitioned into a new role.
  2. Current employees already know how the organization and company culture operates

Source Candidates from Different Places

Write a Good Ad and Loosen Up Credentials

  • If you were looking for a job, would you apply based on that ad?
  • When unemployment is low and people have many other job postings to choose from, does yours stand out?
  • 12–15 years experience with React Native, Python, C#, C++
  • 7–10 years experience with NodeJS, Vue.js, Elixr, Rust
  • 8–11 years experience working with SEO using Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Must be an active “Advanced Certified ScrumMaster”
  • PhD. in physics required
  • 12 other impossible criteria

Compensation, Perks, Engagement and Culture



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Chris Murdock

Chris Murdock

Chris is the Co-Founder & Senior Partner at IQTalent Partners, a professional service firm focused on finding, assessing and hiring key talent for teams.